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The Championship Game

Posted Mon Oct 25, 2010 - 04:14 PM

Please join us this Wednesday at Le Tort Park for the Championship Game at 9PM

The Few. The Proud. The Playoff Contenders....

Posted Thu Oct 14, 2010 - 02:47 PM

Last night was the scene of an amazing display of skill (nice job Stotts - seriously) and a not so great demonstration of how to intercept a pass. (Matt Charles.....)

But no matter what one thought of the games, one thing is for certain. The playoff teams are set! But first - how about a recap?!

Game one pitted the Blue Barracuda's against the Tortfeasor. Despite the fact that Mr. Ross was slowed down due to the cold weather and increasing joint pain (due to old age), the Tortfeasors were able to pull out a win and claim an undefeated record during the regular season! Whoop Whoop! With a BEAUTIFUL punt return in the opening quarter, CDB put the Tortfeasors up that the BB's were unable to overcome. But attempt to do just that they did. Several excellent plays led them down the field. However, a great defensive stand (shout-out to Pat S. for a great pass rush and some amazing tackles) highlighted the evening. The Matt Hracho was caught on video celebrating their undefeated season here:

Unfortunately, a valiant 1L went down in the last few moments of the game. We wish him the very best in his recovery. And if you see him, CARRYY HIS BOOKS!

The second game was - well - interesting. To be honest, while it was a very good game, and while the 1Ls did come out on top, there was ONE moment in this game that I would like to focus in on during this post. The first moment has to be the Matt Charles dropped interception. Please. Allow me to explain. As the 1L QB was being rushed, he released a pass in an attempt to avoid a sack. The ball, slowly drifting through the air neared Matt Charles. Matt Charles squared to the ball. Put up his hand. Touched the ball! Dropped the ball....ouch. Well, I guess he made up for it later in the game - he did get one. Shout out to Luke Weber - TD Kick Return!

So - here we go. The regular season is over. I found the following poem by Mr. Don Key, I believe sums up perfectly where we are headed:

Alas, the regular season has come to an end. Perhaps former enemies shall now make amends?!
But despite our good spirit, good nature, and charm, the Playoffs are here, get ready, get armed.
Next week we shall see our friends on the field, Despite all the injuries, hurt feelings, unhealed.
The playoffs are nothing less than a spine-chilling sport, but much easier than Mogill's exam on those torts.
Yell, Scream, And Cheer, the playoffs are here, just do not forget to be of good cheer.
Alas, the regular season has come to an end. But no, no former enemies shall ever make amends...


Tonights Game

Posted Wed Oct 06, 2010 - 12:22 PM



2L Battle

Posted Wed Oct 06, 2010 - 05:53 AM

Lasts night's matchup b/w the Paintiff's and Some Townnies was a much closer game than the score may reflect. The Paintiffs, coming off a heartbreaking loss last week, struggled to get in sync against a hungry Townies squad. Some Townnies, led by star QB Patty Ice, were able to run and throw the ball all over the Paintiff's D, including several perfectly thrown/caught passes between Pat and Joe Lockwood (Amazingly it is easier to catch with one hand not wrapped up in a claw cast). As punishment for moving the ball so efficiently, Paintiffs defensive players decided to rip Pats t-shirt, shorts, and underarmour cold gear to shreds by the end of game. Luckily, the Paintiff's redzone defense was able to buckle down and hold Some Townnies to only two scores.

Player of the game goes to Veronica Padilla who intercepted the Paintiff's QB twice, once almost taking it to the house for a pick six (She will be tested for performance enhancing drugs before next weeks game). Ryan Garland took the title of best play of the night, snatching an interception out of mid-air with his back parallel to the ground, making last weeks catch by Walker look like child's play (And yes thats a total of 3 interceptions by and unnamed Paintiff's QB).

Greg gets comeback player of the game making two clutch catches for scores, and running back a punt for another (Despite this performance he was still heckled by an unnamed 1L throughout the game, some suspect it is b/c he is jealous of Greg, being half the player Greg is in both stature and ability). Another important note: Robert Jeppson, aka former UC Irvine Track Star, was once again run down from behind on a deep route. League officials are looking into requiring Robert to submit proof of his supposed NCAA participation.

Stay tuned for next week's rematch between these class rivals.

The Best

Posted Wed Sep 29, 2010 - 08:15 PM

The title of this post says it all. The two best games of the season were churned out this evening and the world was turned upside-down in a pair of extremely close, extremely competitive, and extremely heated games. (No Matt Charles, the heated part does NOT refer to you jumping on top of me twice. That was simply awkward. However, I would like to dedicate this video to you from me - you're the best - http:// )

Game 1. Wow. Normally this reporter looks back on a game for one or two outstanding players. Let me tell you. There were NONE on either team tonight. Actually, every player on BOTH teams were simply amazing. Played their heart out. An early score by the Paintiffs led, a great play by the QB and WR (see Brian, I can be nice) to a 6-0 lead. However, on a glorious deep pass from Hracho to Dennis Kergick, the Tortfeasors tied up the game. The very next play, Hracho connected with Kergick again to take a 7-6 lead. (He's really tall. No. Really. Tall.) From there the game got INTENSE. Defense by the Tortfeasors, offense by the Paintiffs. Amazing. Then. The Paintiffs, with only a few ticks left, moved the ball down the field. On a 4th and goal, with the game on the line, the Tortfeasors managed to hold off the Paintiffs in an extremely tense moment. Wow.

At the end of the game, on a HUGE high, the Tortfeasors went to the sideline where sideline cameraman, Stu Pitt, caught Ely Ross leading the team in this celebratory dance. (Chris Walker did NOT participate. did. - http://

(On a side note, this reporter would like to shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Willis – first – thank you for coming to the games – second, there is now an admission fee of 48.50 per person, payable too Chris Walker, commissioner, thirf, for the record, I'm not trying to harass your daughter. But she is rather annoying at times and an easy target for jokes. Kiddddddddinnnnnng! )

On a side note – KG was seen leaving the game and this footage was caught as he attempted to make himself smell a little better before heading home -

Game two – Just as exciting. After picking up a few players on Waivers. (Stotts – aka – Stotts. Actually, I’ve got to comment on this. Stotts was standing on the sideline. Pat Boyer yelled for him to come play center. Stotts takes a drag of his cigarette, trows it down, and comes into the game and says, “I’d like to see who coming through here….the best.) After a few great, well, actually, lucky catches by Dan Paterno (Yes, he’s Joe Pa’s great granddaughter) and come excellent skipping by Luke Weber – he looked kinda like this - http:// – by Chris Walker for a score.

Tonight’s player of a the game – Stotts – how could it not be? He was seen celebrating afterwards - http:// Truly a champ. Truly.

And now, a word from our sponsors - http://

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